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Becoming a Member
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We are always looking for people interested in joining our Clan

Who Can Join?

anyone can join us as long as we aprove.
If you get picked and someone invites you
congrats to you, yoru officially a ][V][ayhem

Benefits of Joining

WIN!!! WIN!!! WIN!!!!
WIN!!! WIN!!! WIN!!!!

Please enter your name on the bottom if you are interested in joining this sweet clan

Tribes Name

How Can You Join?

You can join by T-mailing one of the rank 4 or 3 or heck really anyone cuz they can tell a higher rank for the invite but anyways you will be taken to a dueling server and tried out. If you pass that then your invite should either be on the way or we dont want you cuz u need some practice and your invite will be terminated.

Creator: Pet Detective owner of Mayhem: Luc. please email me with any comments at